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We believe with more relaxation, good care and movement we enjoy healthy lifestyle, so we blossom more. Blossom Souls offer good life services, luxury outdoor massage retreats into the healing and therapeutic properties of nature.

Menu with Asian and Western massage techniques. There are treatments you keep your clothes like Shiatsu , Thai ,Reiki and Shark treatments. Massages in movement, they are performed on a futon – Japense matras.

With Massages the non verbal contact , healing touch your are able to feel yourself,’ you release you tension, become more attractive, successful and confident. When you feel good ,your body develops and becomes stronger.

We have gift vouyers , suprise your family and friends with a luxury relaxation gift.

We work together with a team of experienced certificated professionals masseuses.


Choose one of the Blossom Soul products, we garantee you it will be a life changing experience.


Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principals that reflexive points in the feet correspond to all eternal organs, glands and every part of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexive areas, tension can be relieved and circulation activated. Not only your feet, but the ankles and legs feel light again. The body and soul is filled with sensations of deep satisfaction

LOMI LOMI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian massage. This complete body massage ensures that vital energy can flow to any place in the body. As a result, any accumulated tensions are released and good health is stimulated. The Hawaiian word “Lomi” literally means massage, where the entire body is touched in one flowing movement. This requires that the masseur master the technique of the Flying Dance. This movement pattern, derived from the ritual dance of the eagle, must first be ‘in the masseur’s system’ before the actual massage can begin.Only in this way can the Flying Dance be visualized and the positive energy that is released  in this process is converted into rhythmic and flowing movements. Lomi Lomi is known as a massage that adds happy music and lot of color, both in the figurative and the literal sense.  Let the “Mana” or vital energy flow!

SHIATSU DELUXE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Is a combination treatment of two massage techniques. The first part consists of a Shiatsu pressure point massage, the knots in your body loosen and tension defused. This is followed by a relaxing oil massage which warms the muscles and makes the skin supple.
A brilliant, deep and highly effective combination!

The Shiatsu ,Thai & Shark treatments are conducted in comfortable clothing.

MEISO SHIATSU                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese pressure point massage (shi=finger, atsu=pressure) based    on the same principles as acupuncture. Stress, tensions and unbalances cause blockages in the energy channels and flow of ‘Qi’ (Ki / prana / vital force). Shiatsu is a tool to release blocked Qi, and helps one to regain balance in your energy. It is both relaxing and revitalizing.

SHARK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The ‘shark-massage’ is a professional massage device developed in Germany for use in physiotherapy. This device has earned her stripes over the past years. It can do what the human hands cannot i.e. work on a tremor frequency. This strong and deep resonance frequency, which has been scientifically researched and tested, works on the whole organism. Not only does it reach and relax the muscles but it also works on the deeper connective tissue and nervous system. Eric D. has developed a method, which enhances the effects of this  device by working on the bladder meridian. This will affect all organs in a positive and indirect way because of the intense deep relaxation that occurs.To completely understand and know this treatment, you should try it yourself.                                                       The feeling is indescribable…!

DUO  – Two people receive individual massage at the same time by two masseuses.

Specially designed for couples and family, to make massage more confidential and overcome boundaries. You save time, enjoy together and double the relaxation.

FOUR -HANDS  – One person massaged by two masseuses with four hands

The Four-Hands massage gives a soothing experience of different types of massage techniques, including traditional Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi and deep tissue massage.    This massage is performed by two therapists working in tandem with a mixture of long, smooth strokes. The Four-Hands massage is a very effective, physical and mental relaxation treatment for a pleasant drift into a hypnotic state of higher consciousness. The stress of everyday life loses grip and a deep relaxation follows, resulting in a healthy healing.

( Ideal for people who can not turn off their minds, four hands massage is a way to get your brains to release and focus on nothing else but relaxation)

UNIQUE BAREFOOT MASSAGE – Very amazing treatment special for lovers of a strong pressure massage. Also for professional masseurs looking for a new challenge and to conserve their hands, Blossom Souls offers new studies to learn the techniques of this impressive massage style, you massage with your own feet instead of using your hands and fingers like in all other massage forms.


 The Barefoot massage has been a very popular form of massage in the U.S. over the past dozen years.
It was developed by a petite oriental woman who decided to turn to massage. Using the ceiling to support her bodyweight she could firmly put pressure on certain muscle areas, such as the hips, the back of the thighs and back muscles. The result was so impressive that this massage technique began to spread rapidly. The Barefoot Massage is based on the U.S. model, which combines Western massage and Oriental massage traditions. In my sessions I include movements from Indian Chavutti Thirumal massage. This massage has been around since the 12th century and was developed by a South Indian community in which the fighting and dancing skills are closely connected with massage and rituals. The Indian part of the massage consists of glides over the muscle and long movements along the entire length of the body, from the head through the trunk and limbs. The repeated foot massage component also makes it extremely relaxing.


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With Blossom Souls you can also live love organise ‘learn massage trainings’ for couples and little private groups on your holiday in Mallorca

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