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Stress sometimes gives you adrenaline and its stimulating, but too long & intense pressure can accelerate the aging process. Find more moments in your busy agenda to love yourself and train yourself.

We are specialized in personalized attention for your needs, relaxation, health challenges, energy and more laughs. By bringing you into nature, breath deeper, meditate , change habits we can evolve the awareness and develop consciousness . We can reach mind-emptiness and more space for inspiration. A positive attitude is the key for a fresh mind , focus and strong energy.

Who is Kim Shin Young van Adrichem                                                                                                                                                                        Kim was born in Seoul in 1969, she was adopted and raised in the Netherlands by Dutch parents. Kim offers best of Asian and Western worlds. She is a certificated Meiso Shiatsu since 1997, reflexology massage therapist since 1994 , and Okido Yoga instructor with more than 25 years experience. She studied at Okido Yoga Mikkyo University Academy teacher training with Japanese masters Yuji Yahiro in Italy, teacher training academy in The Netherlands with  Mizue Tamaki, Tomoko Mori , Hatsuko , Koji Kunikiyo and many other students of Sensei Masahiro Oki. Kim worked for years as a Massage therapist and Yoga instructor for many luxury five-star Hotels and Spas, private business trips and for famous companies traveling around the world.

Kim is the founder of Natural High Inspirational Holiday escapes & Blossom Souls

Kim Shiny’ is a sensible and original personality ,designer and photographer. Her Zen trainings , workshops ,Yoga retreats and specially the yearly Cultural authentic Holiday weeks with international masters and young talent are life changing .

She speaks five languages.


Masahiro Oki is the founder of Okido Yoga (1921-1985)

Yuji Yahiro promotes human  development through the global training of the body, mind and attitude. L’Okido Training increases your life force, encourages personal knowledge, sometimes it is widely practiced to challenge willpower and to develop genuine talent. Okido is a Japanese form of yoga with the strong side (yang) and relaxed side (yin). Its fun too

BLOSSOM SOULS lifestyle coaching offer exclusive private retreats:

‘CONTACT’ BODY & MASSAGE WORK-OUT                                                                                                                                                         “Contact” is a mixture with Japanese Okido Yoga principals, Kyo Ka Ho and Meiso Shiatsu Massage techniques. “Contact” is designed by Kim. Overuse of modern technology by the young generation creates stiff bodies & solitude. With “Contact” we massage and use the whole body, we practice kata’s, pressure points, stretches and positions in couples. Through offering (active) and receiving (passive) we learn more about body awareness and create mind-emptiness. It’s extremely relaxing. “Contact” improves your sensitivity and gives you an oxytocin boost. Connecting with your inner-self and others is very pleasurable.

Try “Contact”, the non verbal body language work-out.

FAMILY YOGA FOR KIDS                                                                                                                                                                                              Children are our future. Kyo Ka Ho is master Oki’s favorite, specially for both kids and adults to do together. The classes offer a playful challenge to help release our inner-child as having fun is important, just as in daily life. Family Yoga is educational; we meditate, breathe, sweat,sensitize and evolve. It’s a complete training.

Personalized exercises to gain more flexibility. This class aims to create more space in the pelvis and upper body with correct movement for chronic pain and injuries. Move in slow flow way, helps to give you a deeper sleep and to feel young again while releasing tensions.Slow Yoga is specially for bodies in need of a holiday and great for people with older ages.


An Engaging And Enveloping Experience To Celebrate And Share More Loads Then Ever For A Great You !! “


Spectacular week includes;


Learn to play TAIKO 4 days full workshops of 3,5 – 5 Hours
WHEN: 25 – 31 October 2020

*Four intense days workshops learn to play TAIKO -lead by master MUGEN YAHIRO
*Workshop HAND YOGA and hand MASSAGES with Kim.                                                                                                                                                *Workshop CONTACT with Kim
*Hike to Monastery PUIG MARIA with lunch Arroz brut.
*BOAT TRIP to most exclusive Playa de Formentor from Puerto Pollença
All meals breakfast, and picnic lunch by Kim.Dinners by Chef Cristina from Italy

COST : € 1666,- per person
MORE : Kids are welcome from age 12 year with a parent

There will be two groups

A -Beginners group: percussion experience is not required
B -Advanced group: for musicians min. 6 – max. 12 persons

see more details to participate the espectaculair TAIKO -JAPENSE ART-  HOLIDAY MALLORCA


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Okido Yoga workshop for Events  &  Bussiness Yoga

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Okido Yoga

Okido Yoga & Soul Food

Combine a day with Okido Yoga and healthy food.

We at Blossom Soul offers you packages with Okido Yoga classes & Soul food.
You can choose breakfast, lunch or dinner. We offer organic, vegetarian food menu.

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