” After a really stresfull year.. i needed a complete escape..a week of spiritual cleasing. Kim’s food was super and creative. I completely relaxed and the Okido Yoga was high beneficial.. i came away reborn, highly recommended

Micheal Ivor Braff, UK

Kim gives a very nice massage, which is a combination of shiatsu and regular oil massage. Her massage was invigorating. I felt recharged and full of energy. Her advice on breathing techniques may prove to be quite beneficial for relaxation.

Paul, The Hague Netherlands



During our 7 day retreat in Spain I invited Kim to deliver daily Okido Yoga classes. Her lifelong experience with Okido Yoga expresses in a very light, to the point and inspiring approach. All the participants were in awe about her presence and easiness. Its very natural to surrender to her classes, Kim encourages you to go beyond limitations and discover new potential. All this with a good laugh and joy. You can feel this is her way of life. We look forward to our next retreat end of this summer. NB. Besides being a very good yoga teacher. Kim is a very good cook. We soo much enjoyed her lunches, full of healthy tasteful food.


During our 7 day retreat Kim delivered daily Yoga classes and lovely meals for lunch. All the participants looked forward to the meals she prepared. You can feel she cook with love and awareness. Its inspiring the way she presented her meals with a short meditation. Lots of vegetables, nice variety, very tasteful. We look forward to our next retreat with her.


As a massage therapist, Kim knows where to put her hands, its healing and soothing to receive a massage from her. You can feel her lifelong experience with her massage practice. I highly recommend her, not only for massage, but also for private yoga sessions and the soul food she prepares. Take her onboard and you will be well taken care of.

Massage Workshops
We received a massage workshop from Kim and after this session I felt really empowered to practice at home. She knows what she is doing. Even when you are a professional massage therapist, you can still learn a lot from her. Tineke van der Klok, Owner Donna Vitale, center for Vitality The Netherlands

Tineke van de klok, Donna Vitale

Summer Okido Yoga summer deal with STUDIO  by Oda Cremer 1 oct ’14

Yoga classes Kim are very personal to me ….
Personal in the sense of small groups and intimate atmosphere,
Personal in that Kim opens her home for everyone,
Personal because Kim brings in her own life lessons and experience to learn from,
Personal, because I can choose where you need it, where the tension in your body.
Personal, because since I will be working with myself to experience, feel, and judge.
The lessons personally speak to me and assure me that I do not have to be an acrobat to follow the lesson. These are simple exercises that I can surrender to.
Personal, because this surrender to the yoga taught me to relax and listen to my own body and borders.
Personally, I am now more aware than ever that yoga is not limited to the lesson duration of the class. It is a continuous challenge to take this broader in my life.
Personally I would like to thank Kim for her commitment, energy and enthusiasm. Thank you, thanks to you Okido classes I am again aware of how I want to be in life.

Your Content Goes Here, Oda Cremer Summer Okido Yoga 2014

Private 2x weekly Okido Yoga classes  Titus Bovenberg oct. 2014

I started private classes Okido Yoga with Kim, by recommendation of a friend. He told me I would feel great in general, get more creative and have more clarity. Of course I was sceptic about it, better said: didn’t believe anything he said. But on the other hand I couldn’t resist to try. My only goal was to get a little more flexibility. To my surprise, what my friend predicted, came through, almost after the first session. I felt relaxed in an energetic way, almost floating

and indeed builded up more clarity in my mind and had a good physical workout as well, which amazed me. Such tiny movements delivering so much challenge to the body. Kim’s Okido Yoga happens to be a dangerous combination of working your mind and body. I am officially addicted now.

Kim is smart, completely dedicated and really fun as well. She has a keen eye on how to program her sessions. Balancing them between making it a pleasure and stepping up every now and then, throwing in some more challenging exercises . Not one of my sessions was the same.

I would really recommend Kim.

Titus Bovenberg, Artist

Okido Yoga summer   Madeleen 12 Oct 2014 The Netherlands

All summer long I took Okido Yoga with Kim, which provided inspiration, relaxation, harmony, movement and breathing.

At sea you’ll rush into ecstasy as seagulls hover above you and the sea murmurs.

“In the evening, there is a beautiful sunset and the sky turns purple and red.” Morning opens up the sky when we arrived on the beach for our Okido Yoga taught by Kim.

The stretching exercises made my joints mobile. My body is a space in the broadest sense of the word. I feel more energetic than ever before. Kim is a very inspiring teacher. She enthusiastic and gives a comprehensive explanation of how the mind and body interact.

Okido Yoga at KIM: I recommend it to everyone.


Summer Okido Yoga summer STUDIO O Soenita Netherlands  1 oct. 2014

My yoga classes are a very relaxing experience. Your explanation of the effect of exercises on different parts of the body were very instructive. It has helped me become more aware of my body. Thanks to your lessons I became me more aware of the benefits of being mild. I experience moments much more connection with myself, which is a nice feeling.


Private Okido Yoga Hendrik van der Ham 16 sept. 2014The Netherlands

I started lessons when I was very busy. I made private lessons to insure I made it a priority. I met Kim and heard she also gave massages. Then she challenged me to do some exercises. I really thought it would achieve nothing, especially with my hands my feet. I did not believe her, thought it was a great sales gimmick. But it she tempted me to attend her classes and I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then I started doubting what I thought about myself.

It worked best with the five Tibetan exercises, which was actually less than a quarter of the lesson- about fifteen minutes. It’s a focused investment in moving and these exercises produced a lot of change in me. It seemed very corporate. I became clearer in my business during the day. Slowly but surely took made other choices and got more clarity. The latter was really happened when I had stopped eating bread. That made me loose within 1.5 kilos in 2 months. I gained 7 to 10 kilos when I was stressed, but without the bloating and without the fat above my loins. So I have a lot to look forward to. I’m even losing my double chin. I have the muscular exercises, salads, smoothies, a lot of water, fruits, and vegetables along with protein and rice milk.

Yoga therapy or exercises, even the book of Oki sensei, are great, but most of it is the personality of the seductive counselor Kim Shining one 🙂 She’s summit. She helps people further themselves and is very dedicated, loving and truly present.

Thank you, Kim.

Hendrik van der Ham,

Okido Yoga at BLOOM house of health “Augusta Haga The Netherlands   May 22 2014

Oki Do Yoga: no less than twice a week.
About yoga, I was not sure at first. After following Kim’s one lesson Oki Do Yoga I was completely over. What an experience to have just fun exercises that do not emphasize what you can physically, but also spiritual life lessons. What a delight to be able to go home after an hour, full of energy and an empty head. You’ll want to drop down exhausted on the bench but you’re happy. This yoga should experience just yourself. After all, words fail.

Augusta Haga

Okido Yoga summer seaside Rien Slingerland Netherlands 21 july 2012

Kim is a knowledgeable, passionate and positive instructor. Start today with yoga, there are no excuses not to do it. These are logical decisions for her: discipline, enthusiasm and helpfulness go with her hand-in-hand. In the background, the beach and the sea is OKI-DO Yoga at the Quail a travel mode in which I literally felt my body awaken. New energy from times went through my body. In addition to my other more sports activities (former dancer) Oki Do Yoga allows for both flexibility and stability, meditative moments and better balance in my life. Kim makes it a special experience every time.

Rien Slingerland

Okido Yoga in Studio O The Hague Netherlands  Jessica op 08 april 2011

I have studied Eastern Philosophy and practiced yoga (Hatha, Iyangar and Asthanga at studios in San Francisco, NYC and Den Haag) since 1997. Over this period I have only met two yoga teachers who I find to be exceptional masters of their field. Kim Shin is one of these two.

While living in Den Haag as a postgraduate student, I found Kim through one of her students. Before attending one of Kim’s OKI-DO yoga classes, I visited classes at Sunshine Yoga and Bikram in DH, but none impressed me. What I admire and benefit from Kim’s lessons is her comprehension of the totality of the purposes of yoga. She has an impressive command and way of teaching the tools of Eastern philosophy. Demonstrating how these principles can be applied through the art of yoga. I highly recommend Kim Shin as a teacher of Eastern healing arts for the body, mind and spirit. And I especially recommend Kim if you are looking to learn practical tools to transform yourself.



Okido Yoga Studio O Netherlands  zolinnic from Italy on Dec 16. 2010

Kim is a concentration of energy and wisdom as well as a very interesting character. Since I with re I kept feeding myself or her knowledge and I grew as a shiny human being thanks to re enlighten advices. I discovered Yoga thanks to re-teaching and I made this practice a constant part of my day, adapting and transforming my philosophy of life. I am a photographer and I have been pleased to capture her energy through my photos. I wish I could wake up every morning and do the 5 Tibetans with Kim and spend the last moment of the night laughing and digging into the philosophy of life. Kim is a wonderful human being and a ever-lasting friend. I am a better myself thanks to this incredibly pleasure encounter.
Nicola Zolin Photographer

Nicola Zolin, Artist Photographer

Shiatsu Massage in The Hague  Elysa Kramer   Feb 15. 2011

I got the massage as a birthday present and took a long time to schedule it. People normally don’t have time to treat themselves. Three months after my birthday Kim massaged me after a very intense emotional experience. My whole body was stuck completely. She massages you and has a conversation with you. After the massage, I felt that the process work on me and helped me let go of things as if I was on holiday for a week.

Elysa Kramer,

Okido Yoga Studio O summer   Marleen van Lanen 15 sept. 2014

Yoga classes especially helped me settle in my body from my head. Sometimes I began the lesson with a head full of restless thoughts and very slowly I had more room in my stomach, so I could breathe more freely. The growing space in my head did calm the endless stream of thoughts. That gave way to rest. The muscles in my face relaxed and softened. Thus, I felt more my own kind than continued forward. Gently humming I’m getting back on the bike.

Marleen van Lanen

Victor diaz Fernandez Aqua Mora fitness More Ebro             2017 Spain

– First I have to say that I entered Yoga because I was curious because I had heard the many benefits of this practice.

– I have verified for myself that everything they told me is true.

– I have learned to breathe correctly and to correct my posture because I already noticed that I was curving forward.

– I recommend Okido Yoga for all its multiple benefits since its practice as a habit makes our life more “easy” and not only physically but also emotionally as it calms the tension we accumulate with the day to day.

– Difficulties I do not find any since with practice all movements and exercises are possible to a greater or lesser extent. – All the movements that I have practiced are useful because I release tensions of muscles that I did not even know existed, besides I noticed that when I came out of practice, I noticed a lot lighter as if I suddenly took off several kilos.

– To finish I have to say that Professor Kim, for me is a great person and a great professional because when you look for improvements in any question and in this case it is emotionally and functionally knows to be up to answer and help you in all the doubts and questions that arise.

– I am a person displaced by my work and I do not always have the opportunity to meet places where I can “take care of myself” in this way.

Victor Diaz Fernandez

Student Montse Fitness Mora de Erbro Spain 31-05 -2018

“My yoga experience came to my life 2 years ago in the gym that I came a yoga teacher named Kim and decided to enter, were moments when I was with my mind immersed in changes in my life that I did not know very well how to manage ,,,, !!!

When entering the first yoga class I remember being fascinated by how he spoke and everything that Kim told me gave me peace and tranquility !!! in this time I learned to breathe better to take things more calmly and accept them also I have more elasticity I am more aware of things I look more around me and I enjoy more of everyday things I love myself more !!! I remember that in the first thing that my name is attention was that kim at the end of the classes said that we said 3 positive attitudes of ours and I was left without knowing what to say never stopped me thinking about it and I am 54 years old and now I know I have them and I repeat them every day !! Also changed something in my way of feeding! And also improved my body position and I feel more happy and excited! Yoga has also helped me to read more about this subject and at night I do! In short, I feel better !!!

Thanks Kim for getting close to me to your philosophy of life through yoga thank you !!!!!!

During my stay at Puig Maria,
Pollensa Mallorca I had the great pleasure of Kim’s excellent cooking.
It was definitely one of the highlights of the day.
The food Kim create feels so rich in nutrients and yet lands so lightly and joyfully in the body.
I can really feel her love for food & cooking and it’s like this opens up my body to receive what it needs from the food.
It has been a truly delicious experience with lots of variety too.
I give my most heartfelt and warmest recommendation of Kim’s kitchen.

So if you get the chance to taste it – grab it!’

Hanne S.
Shakti Yoga Mentor

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